Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

Yogurt Dispenser

An Innovative, Easy-To-Use Compact Dispenser Design

Perfect Parfait now offers the freshest new concept in fresh yogurt service. The dispenser is easy-to-load, maintain, and operate with just a touch of-a-button. The Perfect Parfait™ patented dispenser is ideal for self-serve use on a buffet or in any food service operation.

Combined with high-quality, farm-fresh Perfect Parfait yogurt, the fresh yogurt dispensing system offers guest a fresh alternative to the usual pre-packaged cup yogurt. When teamed with fruit, granola, or any number of other toppings; the Perfect Parfait system provides a flexible fun way to build individually customized yogurt parfaits.

Food Preparation

The Perfect Parfait dispenser offers a clear advantage over conventional “scooping” parfait preparation. The unique design can deliver consistent, portion-controlled servings, while maintaining higher sanitary standards for optimal food safety.

Two Yogurt Dispenser Models

There are Two Perfect Parfait Dispenser Options; Provides the Best Match for your Specific Requirement, Taste and Décor.

Ultimately, the Perfect Parfait system delivers an exceptional level of ROI for most markets currently serving pre-packaged yogurt cups.

Dispenser Benefits

  • Longer Product Shelf Life in our Proprietary Bag-in-the-Box Packaging. Unopened Bags of Yogurt stay Fresh up to 85 Days. The Yogurt Stays Fresh up to 14 Days in the Dispenser.
  • Enhance and Personalize Your Guest Experience
  • Increase Your Breakfast Scores
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Lower Product Cost by Eliminating Yogurt Cup Pilferage and Waste.

Dispenser Features

  • Two Dispenser Model Options
  • No Daily Cleaning or Maintenance
  • Easy-to-Use Push Button Operation
  • Out-of-Product Indicator Light
  • Hidden Disengage Switch to Prevent Dispensing after Hours Service
  • Factory Pre-Set Temperature Display
  • 110 Electric: 120vC; 60 Hz; no Special Wiring Required
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • ETL Listed for Both Electric and Sanitation
  • Available for Easy-to-Load, Pre-Packaged 14 lb. Bags

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