Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

Hotel and Lodging

The Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt dispenser is cost-effective, highly efficient, and ultimately easy to operate. As you plan the ideal guest experience, consider the Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt dispensing system.

Perfect Parfait: Compliment Your Brand

Plastic, portion-controlled yogurt cups display their own brand and colors, often conveying a more retail feel, and don’t naturally blend with your hotel environment’s brand. The Perfect Parfait dispenser can be customized to reflect your brand’s look and feel – giving the unified, “home-away-from-home” guest experience you want.

Perfect Parfait: Guest Experience

The do-it-yourself aspect of the Perfect Parfait dispensing system allows guests to get creative and build their own parfaits, just how they want them. This portion-controlled, consumer-friendly, one-button dispensing method makes Perfect Parfait ideal for self-serve environments.

Perfect Parfait: More Than Just Breakfast

More hotels offer their guests access to a food and beverage choice in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Perfect Parfait offers that perfect all day guest experience. By simply switching out toppings and offering chocolate chips, crushed cookies, and candies, you can capitalize on the multiple day- part serving opportunity.

Perfect Parfait: Reduces Yogurt Pilferage

Plastic yogurt cups are easily transported by guests and employees. The Perfect Parfait dispensing system naturally reduces yogurt pilferage.

Perfect Parfait: Make Prep Time More Efficient

The portion-controlled, touch-of-a-button fresh yogurt dispenser will quickly and efficiently assist back-of-the-house production. Compare this easy and quick process with scooping yogurt from a tub or squeezing it out of a bag. The dispenser will save time, reduce labor cost, and optimize efficiency for the operator.

Perfect Parfait: Make Grab-N-Go Simpler

For grab ‘n go service, Perfect Parfait raises the bar for mass production of fresh yogurt parfaits.

Perfect Parfait: Environmentally Sound

By replacing the plastic yogurt cups with the Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt dispenser, you’re demonstrating a much more environmentally sound operation.