Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

Hospitals and Healthcare

With an increasing emphasis on wellness and serving healthier, higher quality food within hospitals and healthcare facilities, the growing demand for fresh yogurt is no surprise. Whether offered for in-patient meals, visitor foodservice, or grab ‘n go in an outpatient hospital, the Perfect Parfait system offers a cost-efficient, portion-controlled, easy-to-operate method of serving fresh yogurt. In addition, the Perfect Parfait dispensing system provides a quicker, fresher, less labor-intensive way to serve fresh yogurt.

Perfect Parfait Delivers Ultimate Efficiency

Many healthcare cafeterias and dining areas serve grab ‘n go parfaits in refrigerated cases with the majority of yogurt scooped from tubs. With a touch of a button, Perfect Parfaitdispenses a portion-controlled cup of yogurt while reducing labor and sanitation issues.  A much quicker and more efficient way to serve fresh yogurt.

Perfect ParfaitFresh Yogurt Stays Fresher, Longer

Scooping fresh yogurt from a tub shortens the shelf life of yogurt, exposing it to air and human touch. Our bag-in-the-box packaging helps Perfect Parfait stay the freshest yogurt on the market, delivering a farm-to-table fresh taste. And it’s no wonder – it’s made with only Grade A milk from our 110-year-old farmer-owned creamery cooperative in the heartland of America.

Perfect Parfait’s Dispensing Method is More Economical

With a choice of 3 different portion-controlled amounts and easy, push-button yogurt dispensing, the Perfect Parfait dispenser offers a clear advantage, reducing prep time up to 50%, and reducing labor costs. In contrast, crew-serve scooping is more prone to human-error and ultimately, more waste.