Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

Business and Industry (B&I)

Today, more businesses are focused on the wellness of their employee population. More office buildings, factories and plants are striving to provide a robust foodservice program, primarily for breakfast and lunch. A variety of healthy, appealing food choices can be a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting top employees.

The ease of implementation and cost effectiveness of the Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt dispensing system offer the B&I sector a fresh new “perk” for employees.

Perfect Parfait means variety is on the menu, every day

Employees within your company are “captive guests” – they visit the cafeteria most every day of the week. Thus, it can be important to provide varied, boredom-busting food options. Perfect Parfait offers not only fresh yogurt, but also a wide variety of attractive toppings ranging from fresh fruit, granola, crushed cookies and more, any time of day. By contrast, plastic yogurt cups cannot offer this customization option.

Perfect Parfaitmade for self-serve an environment

The portion-controlled, build-it-yourself aspect of the Perfect Parfait system means guests can help themselves to fresh yogurt and a variety of toppings, whether for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-afternoon snack. No need to employ service personnel for manual preparation.

Perfect Parfaitoffers convenience

As opposed to creating everything from scratch, or manually scoop yogurt from a tub in a back-of-the-house operation, the Perfect Parfait system delivers a highly efficient, value-added, convenient way to add fresh yogurt to your menu.

Our touch-of-a-button dispensing, portion-controlled operation offers a quicker, less labor-intensive and more efficient way to serve fresh yogurt.