Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

Farm-Fresh Yogurt

The Freshest Yogurt from the Freshness Experts: Farmers

More and more, consumers insist on Farm-Fresh products. Our Perfect Parfait yogurt is supremely fresh and is made from the highest quality ingredients including Cane Sugar and Real Vanilla Bean Extract from Madagascar.

The Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt delivers a Farm-to-Table fresh taste, and is made with only Grade A, rBST-Free Milk with no Synthetic Hormones. As a Farmer Owned Cooperative since 1903, the Westby Cooperative Creamery Principles of quality and sustainability are shared by each of the 225 Family Dairy Farms. These families make their living Off-the-Land where country goodness comes from. Farmers are the original conservationist and environmentalist, committed to conserving our natural resources for today’s efficiencies and tomorrow’s productivity. The Dairy has earned designation as a SQF3 Quality Certified Supplier – the Highest Standard available for food service providers. Westby Cooperative Creamery is the 2nd largest farmer own dairy cooperative in the U.S.  Westby Cooperative Creamery is certified as Kosher and has earned a MOSA Certification as an Organic Producer.

Farm-Fresh Flavor

Our traditional low-fat vanilla and low-fat strawberry yogurt consists of only the highest quality ingredients.  High in protein, naturally low in fat, and sugar content, all Perfect Parfait Farm-Fresh yogurt varieties are ideal for today’s taste and lifestyle.

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Serve Any Way, Any Time of the Day

Perfect Parfait fresh yogurt is ideal when served as a meal with toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, nuts, or dried fruit. Or for a fun snack topped with chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or candies.