Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

About the Perfect Parfait System


 The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System

Enhance the Guest Experience, Raise Breakfast Scores and Control Cost

Give your guest a new, healthy, and exciting choice. Add a topping station, next to the Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispenser and the consumer can create and customize a delicious, truly fresh yogurt parfait.

The System Provides a Cost-Effective Alternative for the Operator

  • Eliminate yogurt cup waste and pilferage.
  • Longer product shelf life.  An unopened bag of yogurt stays fresh for 90 days from the manufactured date.
  • Once a bag is placed in the dispenser, the yogurt stays fresh for 14 days.
  • The yogurt never touches the inside of the dispenser. Simply throw away the empty bag.
  • No daily cleaning or maintenance.
  • Customer service and support is available 7 days a week.
  • The easy-to-use Yogurt Dispenser includes an Out of Product Light and a Hidden Disengage Switch to prevent after hour use.
  • Proprietary Bag-in-the-Box Packaging keeps yogurt fresh and sealed for sanitary food safety.

The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System

  • Our Family Farmer-Owned Cooperative Creamery has produced high quality premium yogurt products since 1903.
  • The Perfect Parfait Yogurt is made in small production batches and top-quality milk is delivered daily by our family farmers.
  • Premium Yogurt made with Real Vanilla Bean Extract, Strawberry and Cane Sugar.
  • Low-Fat Vanilla and Low-Fat Strawberry.
  • Expert guidance and support from the industry leading Perfect Parfait Team.




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