Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait

About the Perfect Parfait System

Perfect Parfait is a Complete Fresh Yogurt System Designed to Enhance your Guests Experience, Raise your Breakfast Scores and Control Cost.

The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System includes:

  • Our Farmer-Owner Cooperative Creamery Has Been Making High Quality Premium Yogurt Since 1903.
  • The Farm-Fresh Perfect Parfait Yogurt is Made in Small Production Batches with r-BST-Free Milk.
  • Premium Yogurts made with Real Vanilla Bean Extract, Strawberry and Cane Sugar.
  • Choice of Low Fat Vanilla, Low Fat Plain, Low Fat Strawberry and Greek Vanilla Yogurt.
  • Easy-to-use Yogurt Dispensing System includes an Out of Product Light and a Hidden Disengage Switch to Prevent after Hours Service.
  • Proprietary Bag-in-the-Box Packaging Keeps Yogurt Fresh and Sealed for Sanitary Food Safety.
  • National Equipment Service.
  • Expert Guidance and Support from the Industry Leading Perfect Parfait Team.

Why Perfect Parfait

Do you offer the consumer yogurt in a bowl chilled over ice?  Or maybe you offer the same old pre-packaged yogurt cup which becomes very costly when extras are taken or wasted? Give the consumer a healthy, exciting new option. The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System lets the consumer create and customize their own fresh yogurt parfait while providing your operation better cost control. If increasing breakfast scores, reducing waste or offering something new and exciting to the consumer is your objective, than join the hundreds of hotels, universities and others who have switched to the newest way to serve yogurt. The system has been proven to deliver numerous benefits.

In addition, Perfect Parfait is a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to the labor intensive practice of scooping yogurt from a tub, or squeezing it from a bag pouch. Other benefits include:

  • Longer product shelf life; Unopened bags of yogurt stay fresh up to 85 days, once inserted into the dispenser, the yogurt stays fresh up to 14 days.
  • Reduced labor cost.
  • Competitive product cost.
  • Reduced potential for pilferage.
  • Energy efficient design for lower utility costs.

Who can benefit from Perfect Parfait System:

Hotel Breakfast Buffets, Healthcare Facilities, Schools, Businesses, and Universities are just a Few of the Venues that can Benefit from the Perfect Parfait System.


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