Perfect Parfait
Perfect Parfait


Whether a school system, hotel chain, senior living residence, or a hospitality environment, Perfect Parfait offers variety, simplicity, flexibility, and cost savings.

Perfect Parfait Makes Mass Production Much Simpler

For catering, restaurant operations, or grab ‘n go service, Perfect Parfait raises the bar for mass production of fresh yogurt parfaits.

Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt Stays Fresher, Longer

Scooping fresh yogurt from a tub shortens the shelf life of yogurt, exposing it to air and human touch. Our bag-in-the-box packaging helps Perfect Parfait stay the freshest yogurt on the market, delivering a farm-to-table fresh taste. And it’s no wonder – it’s made with only Grade A milk from our 110-year-old farmer-owned creamery cooperative in the heartland of America.

Perfect Parfait’s Dispensing Method is More Economical

With an easy push button for yogurt dispensing, the Perfect Parfait dispenser offers a clear advantage by reducing prep and labor cost. In contrast, crew-serve scooping is more prone to human-error and product waste.

Perfect Parfait Offers a Healthier, and More Environmentally Sound, Option

Our bag-in-the-box packaging means Perfect Parfait is the freshest yogurt on the market. Plastic yogurt cups are not as environmentally sound, and often contain a long list of additives and preservatives to support the long shelf life.

Perfect Parfait was Made for a Self-Serve Environment

Give the guests an option to create a unique customized Yogurt Parfait that fits their individual lifestyle and brings enjoyment to breakfast, lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. Offer a variety of healthy and indulgent topping options.