We have now had the yogurt machine in our hotel here at the Best Western Date Tree for the past 5+ years and I can axiomatically make this statement: it is an apotheosis of perfection.

Our guests absolutely love the yogurt and how they can build their own parfait with the yogurt and the toppings we have in our breakfast bar area. It truly beats the individual yogurt that we used to purchase and has cut down on the theft of the individual yogurt containers that used to occur. Even more salient: our breakfast scores have improved dramatically with this new yogurt--and garnered much praise in the Best Western Surveys specifically mentioning the yogurt set up. Put succinctly: we love Russ and his team over at Perfect Parfait.

Best Western Date Tree Aaron S.

We have been using Perfect Parfait at La Quinta Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee since June of 2018. Since we have partnered up with this great company we have seen our product waste decline, which resulted in huge savings plus our breakfast scores went up. With the sleek, temperature-controlled dispenser we know we are serving a safe and fresh product.

We hear frequent comments from guests liking the ability to dispense the amount of yogurt they wish vs. take an individual cup. We also hear guests comment on the fresh and excellent taste of the product.

La Quinta Dollywood Dorota S.

We have not only seen remarkable cost savings but also an increase in guest satisfaction and an improvement in our breakfast service scores.

We highly recommend the Perfect Parfait System to any establishment looking to elevate their breakfast offering with a customizable, high-quality option that guests love. The support from Perfect Parfait has been integral to our success, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Velkommen Inn Ankhit B.

As you may know, my hotel is right around the corner from Disney World. 95% of my business is family/ leisure, so you can imagine I consume a lot of breakfast items. Typically I serve between 500-800 guests each morning. I am always looking at ways to cut breakfast food costs.

Even though the bulk yogurt is a little more expensive per ounce than the individual cups of yogurt, less is consumed because it is not packaged in a way that enables the guest to take an extra 4 or 5 cups to snack on later in the day. Guests seem to enjoy using the machine and add the already-available toppings such as granola and raisins , they are able to make their own yogurt parfait!

Comfort Inn Maingate Ed S.

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