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Fresh yogurt is a popular snack for children and young adults. The Perfect Parfait Farm-Fresh Yogurt offers a healthier alternative to the present traditional choices within public schools. More schools are opting to comply with the USDA federally mandated Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Fresh yogurt on the school menu is a natural. The School Nutrition Association weighs in, too, endorsing fresh yogurt as an important category to offer public school students.

As more schools, colleges and universities incorporate healthy choices into their meal offerings — a competitive advantage – the ease of implementation and bottom-line benefits. Utilizing the Perfect Parfait™ fresh yogurt dispensing system is easy to see.

As public schools work toward complying with USDA healthy food mandates. The cost-efficient Perfect Parfait system offers one way to help schools cut costs while still supporting healthier food choices for students.

Our bag-in-the-box packaging means Perfect Parfait is the freshest yogurt on the market. By contrast, plastic yogurt cups are not as environmentally sound, and often contain a long list of additives and preservatives to support the need for long shelf life.

As college residence halls typically follow a scatter system of food service, where students are self-served across virtually all food categories, our system fits right into the lifestyle. The Perfect Parfait Dispenser paired with an offering of toppings lets students customize their own yogurt parfait.

Our touch-of-a-button dispensing offers a quicker, less labor-intensive and more efficient way to serve fresh yogurt.

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© 2024 Perfect Parfait™.  All Rights Reserved
Designed by 21red Media

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