Perfect Pafait™ Introduces New Fresh Yogurt Dispensing System

Perfect Parfait, in partnership with Silver King, is offering a new concept in fresh yogurt service. This innovative new system features several popular varieties of farm-fresh yogurt and two models of an easy-to-use, portion-controlled dispenser.

The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt dispenser is available in a large, 95-lb. stainless steel model, ideal for back-of-the-house operations, as well as a smaller, 75-lb. unit in a black, powder-coated finish, designed for front-of-the-house, self-serve applications.

The Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt dispenser is proven to deliver many benefits versus other, more conventional methods of yogurt service, such as individual yogurt cups, scooping from a tub, or serving from a bowl on the buffet. The system makes it simple to add fresh yogurt to a buffet, complimentary breakfast, dining hall, school nutritional menu or healthcare facility.

Stated Russ Vulpitta, President of Perfect Parfait, “There is no other yogurt dispenser quite like this on the market today. We’ve designed this system to accomplish two important goals for our clients: to delight customers and to maximize ROI.”

Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt is available in plain low-fat, vanilla low-fat, and strawberry low-fat flavors in three distinct varieties: traditional, Certified Organic, and Greek style.

Each flavor consists of only the highest quality ingredients. In addition, a low-fat, low-sugar Perfect Parfait variety provides an excellent option for the health-conscious market. Perfect Parfait Fresh Yogurt is made with only Grade A milk from a 110-year old farmer-owned creamery located in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland. This dairy has earned designation as a SQF3 Quality Certified Supplier – the highest standard available for food service providers anywhere. This cooperative is also certified as Kosher and has earned a MOSA certification as an organic producer.

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