Commissary Insider – Consider Yogurt Parfaits

CONSIDER Yogurt parfaits

Popular as ever in the prepared foods section of supermarkets and c-stores. But this simple and healthy snack has a lot more potential than most retailers may realize.

Enter Perfect Parfait, the first ever fresh yogurt dispensing system. Designed to maximize profit through portion control and waste management, it can either be posted out front for self-serve customer access in a parfait bar or kept in back of house for controlled portion dispensing while preparing the dish for your grab-and-go shoppers.

We’re definitely pushing the whole self-serve fresh parfait bar concept,” says Russ Vulpitta, CEO of Perfect Parfait in Plano, TX. “We have one large supermarket chain already in process of rolling out a fresh ‘free-style’ yogurt bar program in their deli/produce department. Supermarkets and c-store chains offering grab-and-go, pre-made parfaits typically have the product prepared in back of the house or by a local commissary,” he says. “In both scenarios, parfaits are typically prepared with manual labor via hand scooping out of tubs. We’ve been very successful with retailers and commissaries who understand the labor efficiency, consistency, safety, and waste-saving benefits of utilizing our dispenser along with our high quality, farm-fresh yogurt products. 

“We’ve been able to our retail and commissary customers drastically reduce waste while increasing their production efficiencies up to 30 percent, depending upon their production set up,” Vulpitta says. “In addition customers who produce yogurt parfaits themselves at store level have been able to increase their profit margins up to 40 percent, which is a huge number.”

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